Leaves Falling? Nope, Just Mangos…

Happy Autumn! Not that it seems even remotely like Autumn here, of course. But luckily I just got a postcard from Dad showing the beginning of Autumn in New Hampshire, so I got to show Elder Rosa what a real Autumn is like haha.

Also Mom, thanks for the update about my past companions! It’s slightly ironic that I have to get updated about the Brasil Belém mission from my mom, haha. We’re supposed to get a little newsletter each transfer of who is with who and in what area, and how the mission and all the zones are doing. But we’re exiled so far out here that I know absolutely nothing, haha. And since Óbidos and we are on a different cell phone plan than the rest of the mission, when we run out of credit we can’t even talk with the rest of our zone to see what’s going on in the world. But it’s all good! Makes for a fun challenge and adventure.

So this past week was awesome. We’ve been making some great progress here! The mission president has asked that we make a greater effort in tracting and street contacts than we were doing before, so we really focused on that this past week. And it seemed like it has been working out well! While we obviously end up finding lots of people who aren’t the least bit interested (that usually at least leads to some pretty funny stories haha), we’ve also found a few new investigators who really seem sincere in wanting to learn more.

But I’ve decided that the point of these street contacts has little to do with finding new investigators. Everyone knows that while it can produce some great results, it’s relatively inefficient. Sometimes I feel that we do this just to show our willingness to work. This is God’s work, and He has all the power to lead us to those who are prepared or to lead them to us. We just have to show our faith and our desire, and He does His work. For example, while we didn’t find too many new investigators with our own effort this week, we ended up having much more success in the other aspects of our work, such as receiving some awesome references from members of people who literally asked to be baptized. I think that the miracles always come after we prove our faith!

Well have a super duper terrific week, love you all! Até mais!
Com amor,
Elder Scott Maughan

P.s. I almost got pegged by a falling mango last week, probably one of the greatest dangers here. Belém is the only city in the world where you can buy mango insurance!


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