Pass Along Cards!

Dear family and friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful last week! Sounds like this next week will be interesting for everyone, with this storm on its way. I hope everyone stays safe!

Mom, I loved the pictures of your vacation. Really, all those sites look unreal, and so beautiful! I agree with you – our family has to do something like that when we’re all back together. Which will be… summer of 2015? Mom and Dad, how would you feel about having a child on a mission for 5 straight years? We’ll definitely deserve some sort of rewarding vacation after that.

This past Saturday all of Brasil did a missionary work activity, giving out pass along cards about the church. In a 2 hour span, we gave out more or less 250 pass along cards as a ward here in Oriximiná. I really enjoyed this activity! Elder Rosa and I gave out 50, and we had a great opportunity to talk with all sorts of people about their families. The family is such a great starting point to do missionary work, because it’s so universal and something that everyone cares about. It also gave us a chance to speak with many people in the street who probably haven’t talked to us or don’t know too much about the “Mormon” Church. At least now they know we care a lot about the family! We’re hoping to receive many references from the media from this activity; let’s see how that goes! Elder Rosa especially enjoyed this activity, because his family was actually baptized because of a pass along card his dad received on the bus one day.

Mom, did you just call me a “returning Belém missionary”? Haha you can’t do that, not even close! But I can’t really think of any good advice for missionaries on their way to Belém… I’d recommend lightweight things. Or to just leave bed sheets at home, because you’ll probably end up sleeping in a hammock. Although that’s probably not always true… haha I’ll try to think of wiser advice next week. Oh I heard there was a new American Sister in our zone, but I haven’t met her and I don’t even know if I’ll end up meeting her, since our zone is so spread out.

Well I hope everyone has a great week, I hope that every stays safe in this storm. I love you all and I’ll keep you in my prayers! Thanks for all the love and support. I really appreciate everything.

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


Yum… reptiles…

Dearest Family,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine was great also, plenty of adventures here. Yesterday was the ward conference, which was a great experience. Since there’s no complete stake conference here (the stake is too large), ward conference is a rather big deal. All the stake leadership came to Oriximiná to train the members, and the president gave an awesome talk in Sacrament Meeting. The members seemed all excited and optimistic after the meeting, it was really great.

We’ve been helping out with the Young Men lately, who are going to putting on a dance show during a ward activity on Thursday. Is “Freestep” popular in the United States? I hadn’t seen it before, but maybe it’s new. Either way, it’s really fun to watch 10-15 14-year-olds doing this crazy “Freestep”. It’s sure helping to excite the young men and the rest of the ward!

First off, this certainly was an interesting week as far as culinary goes! Last week I found mix to make BLUEBERRY Jell-O and I got really excited, because I miss blueberries, despite the fact that in general the fruit here is much better. So instead of making blueberry Jell-O I’ve just been adding blueberry flavor to everything, especially oatmeal and pancakes. Melissa said last week that she made blue pancakes, so I thought I’d imitate her. They turned out extremely tasty. But if blueberry pancakes are too American, then I evened that out eating two foods that we sure don’t eat too often at home: crocodile and turtle! My companion was too scared to try the turtle, but when one of our investigators offered us turtle, I figured there was no way to say no. While I can’t say it’s the yummiest meat there is, at least it was a neat experience.

I’ve decided that I like to try new things. If I doesn’t work out well, that’s okay! I’ll have that much more experience, and no one will make me have to do it again. And usually I learn faster from my mistakes anyway.

Well have an awesome week, love you all!
Elder Maughan

They don’t like me. They just like Mom.

Querida família,

So transfers came and went, nothing is changing here! I’m excited about that; this will be my 4th transfer here, making it almost 6 months here in Oriximiná. I’ve gotten pretty attached to the members here, so it’s nice to have 6 more weeks here to help them out the best I can. And I’ll be staying with Elder Rosa also! But Elder Stacy is leaving Óbidos, which unfortunately means that after 10 months of being in the same district, Presidente is finally splitting us up.

So in behalf of the members here I also wanted to thank Mom for her help to strengthen the Oriximiná Ward! In an effort to excite and encourage the youth here, I ended up giving away just about all of the sweets that she had sent to them during activities, and that actually seems to have worked more or less well in encouraging the youth to participate in the ward activities. The DVDs are also helping to strengthen the ward! Elder Rosa and I have already been putting them to good use in ward activities and with the youth, and they’ve all been asking for copies of the DVDs, which we are happy to make. They  seemed happy that I’m staying for one more transfer, but I think that’s just because they are hoping that I receive another box like that again… haha.

Saturday night was the baptism of a youth man also! Iudice is the friend of the Deacon’s Quorum President and the grandson of a member who was inactive in the Church for 16 years… but he’s been baptized and his grandma is coming back to church! He’s an incredible learner (I definitely wasn’t that bright when I was 12), who really understood what the baptism meant and was eager to make that covenant. What a great feeling! He had tons of support at his baptism, especially from the young men in the ward, and his grandma is also getting a very warm welcome in the ward again.

Well does this make up for forgetting to send a large letter last week? Haha I hope so. Thanks so much for all the support and love, I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week, love you all so much!

Élder Scott Maughan

Now my room’s a whole lot cleaner

Supposedly these are for a service project next weekend??!!

Happy October! Hope everyone had a wonderful September. Sounds like everyone is keeping rather busy, that’s good to hear! It was great seeing pictures of Mom’s trip to Utah, and to see how Dave is doing. Also I didn’t know that Peter Maughan had such an important gravestone, that’s neat! A few weeks ago someone was giving a talk in church when he read the story in Our Legacy that talks about Peter Maughan, I think he was pretty excited when he made the connection that that weird English name is the same as my weird English name, haha.

Life is good here in Oriximiná! Yup we were able to have district meeting this week, we usually have district meeting every week. That means that we have to catch the boat every Wednesday night to Óbidos, then we come back to Oriximiná Thursday afternoon by motorboat. It usually ends up being a rather tiring trip (and a bit expensive) but everything works out well. It’s always fun seeing Elder Stacy and Elder Teles they are both funny, great guys. It’s been a month or two now since the last time I went to Santarém, and it looks like I’ll only be going there if Elder Rosa or I get transfered from here in 2 weeks. Maybe that’s why it’s so nice to see Elder Stacy and Elder Teles each week, because they are the only other missionaries that I see over a 3 month span, haha.

So we live in a nice cozy apartment, more or less in the middle of the city. As Mom guessed, we have washing machine but no dryer (no need, the sun here dries everything in 15 minutes), a stove but no oven or microwave, and a nice fridge. We usually try to keep everything pretty clean, since cleanliness invites the Spirit. Turns out I’m a tidier person than I thought I would be! Mom would be proud of me, especially after seeing how I kept my room for 4 years of high school haha. For some reason I really enjoy sweeping. Haha kinda strange, I know.

Who’s excited for Conference? I’ve probably got you all beat. Plus the Elderes from Óbidos will be spending the weekend here to watch Conference. I’m really looking forward to it. Well have a wonderful week and a great start to October, love you all! Take care!
Com amor,
Elder Scott Maughan

Cousin David with Melissa and Craig by the Peter Maughan monument in Logan.