Yum… reptiles…

Dearest Family,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Mine was great also, plenty of adventures here. Yesterday was the ward conference, which was a great experience. Since there’s no complete stake conference here (the stake is too large), ward conference is a rather big deal. All the stake leadership came to Oriximiná to train the members, and the president gave an awesome talk in Sacrament Meeting. The members seemed all excited and optimistic after the meeting, it was really great.

We’ve been helping out with the Young Men lately, who are going to putting on a dance show during a ward activity on Thursday. Is “Freestep” popular in the United States? I hadn’t seen it before, but maybe it’s new. Either way, it’s really fun to watch 10-15 14-year-olds doing this crazy “Freestep”. It’s sure helping to excite the young men and the rest of the ward!

First off, this certainly was an interesting week as far as culinary goes! Last week I found mix to make BLUEBERRY Jell-O and I got really excited, because I miss blueberries, despite the fact that in general the fruit here is much better. So instead of making blueberry Jell-O I’ve just been adding blueberry flavor to everything, especially oatmeal and pancakes. Melissa said last week that she made blue pancakes, so I thought I’d imitate her. They turned out extremely tasty. But if blueberry pancakes are too American, then I evened that out eating two foods that we sure don’t eat too often at home: crocodile and turtle! My companion was too scared to try the turtle, but when one of our investigators offered us turtle, I figured there was no way to say no. While I can’t say it’s the yummiest meat there is, at least it was a neat experience.

I’ve decided that I like to try new things. If I doesn’t work out well, that’s okay! I’ll have that much more experience, and no one will make me have to do it again. And usually I learn faster from my mistakes anyway.

Well have an awesome week, love you all!
Elder Maughan


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