Pass Along Cards!

Dear family and friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful last week! Sounds like this next week will be interesting for everyone, with this storm on its way. I hope everyone stays safe!

Mom, I loved the pictures of your vacation. Really, all those sites look unreal, and so beautiful! I agree with you – our family has to do something like that when we’re all back together. Which will be… summer of 2015? Mom and Dad, how would you feel about having a child on a mission for 5 straight years? We’ll definitely deserve some sort of rewarding vacation after that.

This past Saturday all of Brasil did a missionary work activity, giving out pass along cards about the church. In a 2 hour span, we gave out more or less 250 pass along cards as a ward here in Oriximiná. I really enjoyed this activity! Elder Rosa and I gave out 50, and we had a great opportunity to talk with all sorts of people about their families. The family is such a great starting point to do missionary work, because it’s so universal and something that everyone cares about. It also gave us a chance to speak with many people in the street who probably haven’t talked to us or don’t know too much about the “Mormon” Church. At least now they know we care a lot about the family! We’re hoping to receive many references from the media from this activity; let’s see how that goes! Elder Rosa especially enjoyed this activity, because his family was actually baptized because of a pass along card his dad received on the bus one day.

Mom, did you just call me a “returning Belém missionary”? Haha you can’t do that, not even close! But I can’t really think of any good advice for missionaries on their way to Belém… I’d recommend lightweight things. Or to just leave bed sheets at home, because you’ll probably end up sleeping in a hammock. Although that’s probably not always true… haha I’ll try to think of wiser advice next week. Oh I heard there was a new American Sister in our zone, but I haven’t met her and I don’t even know if I’ll end up meeting her, since our zone is so spread out.

Well I hope everyone has a great week, I hope that every stays safe in this storm. I love you all and I’ll keep you in my prayers! Thanks for all the love and support. I really appreciate everything.

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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