High Adventure!

Querida família,

Glad to hear that life is good for everyone! I was also glad to hear that Sandy didn’t wash our house away. Sounds like everyone sure is keeping busy at home. Not too surprised! This past week was also rather busy (and tiring) for me also.

Happy Halloween! Kinda forgot about that… Melissa asked about how Halloween is celebrated here. Bad news: that holiday doesn’t exist here, unfortunately. Well, at least here in the north. I’ve heard that down in São Paulo they have some sort of Halloween with treats and everything. But while all of you were trick or treating, I was on a boat in the Amazon River on my way to a weekly district meeting. So I guess that’s kinda cool too!

This last week we worked a lot with the young men in the ward! Well actually they aren’t “in” our ward (yet), but hopefully they’ll be members soon! It’s amazing how much the Young Mens program has grown since a president was called. When Rodrigo and his wife, a newly wedded couple, moved into our ward, there were 4 active young men. When Rodrigo was called as the president, he started doing activities almost every other day in the church, inviting many other young men to come practice for a dance presentation, and the active young men also invited their friends. Soon there were 20 young men at the activities!

He’s also been including us in all the activities. On Tuesday we taught 14 of these young men the first lesson, and Rodrigo invited us to participate in a young men outing on Friday also, which was awesome! We went more or less deep into the jungle to the camp of one of the ward members, where he had a “pool” of river, a barbaque, a sand volleyball court, and a nice little house. There we had the chance to teach more of them, and a few of them seemed genuinely wanting to be baptized and become a member of the Church! It’s great to see the effect that the gospel can have, even on the younger guys. Afterwards, we “integrated” with the young men (volleyball!), had lunch, and then Elder Rosa and I headed back to the city to get back to work. It was rather tiring, but really rewarding!

Well, have another wonderful, productive week! Love you all, thanks so much for the letters and the love and the support, I really appreciate it.

Until next Monday!
Elder Scott Maughan


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