Elder Manga Masters the Manga

Good day! It’s your favorite missionary in Belém again! Hope you aren’t tired of hearing from me… I agree with Mom, that this week really passed by quickly. Let me think of what I can say about this week that will make the letter more appealing…

Zone conference was this past week! Although the trip is always rather tiring (2 consecutive nights of sleep on a boat does that to you), it was super great and refreshing. And revigorating! It’s nice having zone conference with just our zone, because President can talk more specifically about our zone and our specific challenges. He seemed to say so many things that were exactly what I needed to hear, questions that I had that I hadn’t asked him, but he still managed to answer. It’s good to know that he really is called of God and inspired! It was great to see all the new faces in our zone also, since had been 2 transfers since the last time I had seen everyone, and there were lots of changes.

I need to bring my journal with me to the cyber, to remember what I’ve done during the week… Oh I achieved my goal of picking a manga from the tree and eating it! I also wanted to do that, since there are so many mango trees, but every mango I see always looks too green to eat. Finally I asked the members to help me know when a mango is ripefor the picking, so now I’ve got that covered. When I was the a members house yesterday I saw a mango ripe! So I grabbed a huge wooden board (that the member had just to pick the ripe mangos out of the top of the tree), and I knocked the mango out of the tree and caught it! I’m not totally sure why, but I felt really accomplished. Mangos are much sweeter when you pick them yourself.

Well sorry for the not too exciting letter! I’m trying to download music from Mom at the same time, it’s a bit tricky. But I’m really exciting to hear all this new music. Considering how much we listen to music at night and in the morning, it’s always great to hear a new song everyone once in a while. So thanks so much for that! I love you all, hope you have a wonderful week. Until next Monday!

Com amor,
Elder Maughan

P.s. Did I tell you that almost everyone here calls me Elder Manga? It’s much easier for them. Also, since my companion is Elder Rosa, we become Manga Rosa, which is a delicious type of mango.


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