It’s easier to type without accents

Querida família,

Good morning from Oriximiná! I’m glad to hear everyone is doing well, especially Grandpa! That’s a bit scary he had to have heart surgery, but I’m glad it went well. Also, I loved the picture you sent of him, which is more or less hilarious. I had to show that to my companion, haha.

This week flew by! Which also means it was a great week, because only the great ones fly by. To answer Mom’s question, no I didn’t dig any pits for my neighbors this week (what’s the harm in that?). No, there is no rule that says he have to do a service project each week, but I love doing service projects so usually I ask and ask until finally someone gives us something to do. While we didn’t have any projects planned for this past week, we were able to find a few opportunities to help out: pushing a car out of the gutter, fixing the cell phone of one of our investigators, and typing up a few school reports for a ward member. I’m definitely thankful for my 8th grade typing class! That being said, trying to type what someone says (all this in Portuguese) for almost an hour really fried my brain.

Church yesterday was really great, for 2 reasons. First, there were lots of young women there! Haha okay, now let me explain why. This past we’ve been working a lot with the young women and their leaders to visit and reactivate many of the less active young women and their families. Yesterday in church they managed to more than double their usual attendance! Of course, this is much more due to the work of the own members than to our help, it made me feel a bit accomplished also. It also made me realize that small visits really can make a big difference.

And second, I had a pretty interesting experience: During the Sacrament hymn, the Bispo came over to inform me that I would be the opening speaker and that I would speak on love for 15 minutes. Haha yeah… so I had 1 minute to pray asking for help and 2 minutes to prepare a quick outline (and bless the sacrament). But I actually think that it ended up going very well! It was one of those moments where I could feel the promise of the Spirit putting words in my mouth being fulfilled. That strengthened my testimony of the fact that the Spirit really can strengthen us, and that we need to rely more in that power than in our own abilities.

Well I hope this email made up for a few other short ones… have a wonderful week, I love you all and I really appreciate the support and inspiration from you all. Até mais!
Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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