This letter looked longer on the post-it note

Dearest family,

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for the ADK calender, that’s coming in really handy. Sounds like the holiday was a little crazy for our family with everyone in a different place, but I’m glad everyone was still able to enjoy it.

Well, this was my last week in Oriximiná! I’m definitely going to miss this city. I learned so much! Plenty of challenges and trials, but I suppose that’s how we have to learn and improve. Maybe I’ll be able to come back to visit one day! I won’t be going too far; I’m on my way to the Tapajós ward in Santarém, so just up the river. I’ll be staying in the same zone, no plane flight for me yet! My new companion will be Elder Paiva, and we’ll be new together in the area, so that should be a fun and unique experience.

But my last week here was rather enjoyable! I sent a few pictures, with highlights from the week. First off, we made Macaxeira Cake with Izaura, one of our investigators. That was a blast, and super tasty! Took a little while to grate 4 kilos of macaxeira (which is a root, kinda like potato), but it was definitely worth it, even if I won’t have any fingerprints for the next little while… Turns out that we always end up getting food from members the last week before transfers. Cakes, mangos, other fruits, even homemade pizza! I sure love the members here, they are the best.

Also, all the work with the young women in the ward has been paying off, including a baptism Saturday night! Even though Julia wasn’t very interesting in the Church when her older sister was baptized just before I arrived here, over time she came to church a few more times, and she was rather excited to get baptized this past week! It was great baptismal service also, with lots of support from the other youth.

Well, have a wonderful rest of November, until next month! Thanks for the love and support, you all are the best. Take care, and next week I’ll be writing you from Santarém!

Elder Scott Maughan


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