Going Bananas for Bananas

Querida família, Thanks for the emails! I appreciate everyone taking the time to write, even when I know all of you have pretty busy lives. But glad to hear that everyone is doing well (especially Melissa and her exciting news!) and that Mom has managed to put up a few of the Christmas decorations also!

My second week here in Santarém went well also! We are getting less lost in our area (we should probably get a map…) and we’ve been getting the know the members much better also. It stopped raining and started toasting us again, but that’s okay! Other random things that happened this week: Elder Paiva taught me to solve a Rubik’s cube, a lady from the ward made me eat half of a giant chocolate cake (after I said that I really liked it, so I didn’t complain!), I was rudely reminded that I have to watch out for the bus when there are big puddles of water in the road (oops), and I bought 15 bananas for R$1. So far so good!

This week was also stake conference, which was awesome. It was actually a multistake satelite transmission from the conference center, the speakers were sooo good! Elder Ballard was presiding and gave a great talk, but the Seventies also gave wonderful talks. One was Elder Ardaikis (or something like that, I don’t have my notes) who spoke directly to the youth about what they need to do to have a successful and joyful life in the future, especially obedience, education, a mission, and tithing. But he also spoke about how it’s never to late to start planting these seeds to be able to gather the fruits later in life. It was a really spiritual conference, and a few of our investigators were able to attend, which made it even greater.

Well, have a wonderful day and a great week! Thanks for the letters, emails, music, packages, decorations, and candy. It’s making for a wonderful holiday season so far. Hope this holiday season is just as merry for all of you! Love you all, take care. Until next week!
Elder Scott Maughan


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