Christmas = new exotic foods!

Brazil-SantaremDearest Family!

Happy Christmas Eve/First Day of Christmas! I don’t remember if I explained this to everyone last week, but all the parties and celebrations are on the 24th of Dezember at night, so this is going to be a great day! Tonight we’ll be teaching special Christmas message to a member’s neighbor, then we’ll have to find a way to pass by all the houses of all the members who want us to come eat their food tonight. Yes, it’s a tough life. I’m expecting to gain a few kilos by the time this holiday season wraps up, but that’s okay!

Glad to hear everyone had a nice week. I loved the picture of the Eagle Court of Honor, that’s awesome! Wow I hadn’t realized that all of us grandsons are Eagle Scouts, yes that’s way impressive for Grandpa! I’d have to say that being an Eagle Scout has helped a lot on the mission (and not just because I make a lot of square knots). I feel like it really helped me to gain many new experiences, make and reach goals, develop leadership skills, and learn to talk to people and deal with them. So parabéns, Craig and Dave!

This week went well for us also! Lots of Christmas festivities going on in the ward here. Saturday night was the ward party, lots of members brought friends! The Primary put on a presentation, and just before the start of the activity the Primary presidente asked if I could play “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” for them… so I learned how to play that song in 15 minutes! I never would’ve been able to do that before the mission. So that’s one more blessing I’ve received on the mission: learning piano music more quickly!

Anything else exciting this week… oh yeah, guess when I ate yesterday! Grilled armadillo. Haha that was awesome. If only I had my camera. This past week I also tried out a typical dish from this region, made from a venomous plant that you have to cook for a week or it will kill you. But I haven’t died yet, and it way actually pretty tasty!

Well, I’m super excited to talk to you tomorrow! I’ll be sure to make a list of exciting things and other experiences to tell you about. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas! Love you all so much, take care!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan

Photos from last week’s zone conference, thanks to Sister Grimnes:
Santarem zone conference

Scott enjoying zone conference


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