Ring Out, Wild Bells

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Hope everyone has had a fantastic year. I remember when this year started, and I thought to myself, “Well here goes my one complete year on the mission.” It’s crazy that it already ended! But it’s been a great year here. Lots of work and definitely a roller coaster of feelings, but definitely feel like I’ve learned and grown this past year! I don’t know how much I’ve changed… one of my companions here told me that you are always the last person to see your own changes, so I guess I’m not a very good judge of that.

It was so great to see you and speak to you on Tuesday! Sorry about the technical difficulties, maybe Mother’s Day we’ll have to just talk on the phone, to get more conversation in. Christmas here was great, as I mentioned. We spent 2 days more or less just eating, which was kinda awesome. The members treated us very well. Here in this ward there are a good number of missionaries returned, so they know what it’s like to be on the mission during Natal, so they weren’t about to let us suffer. My goal is to be that kind of returned missionary one day.

After 2 busy and crazy days of Christmas, we were able to get back into the routine of things rather quickly. We all decided that speaking to our family on Christmas all makes us want to be better missionaries, so we sure worked pretty hard this week. And it paid off! We were able to bring some investigators to church yesterday, and the members gave them a very very warm welcome! All of them told us that they loved the visit, and that they are going to try to bring the rest of their families next week. The members sure play a huge part on the conversion process. I’m glad that the members here recognize that and play their part well. It sure makes things easier for us. Now we just have to make sure that we keep integrating the members with our investigators in our lessons also.

Let me think of something else exciting or different this week… oh I saw a monkey! I thought it was cat in the tree the first time I glanced, but then I did a double take when I realized that cats don’t jump from tree to tree. That was pretty cool! I don’t think I’ve seen an uncaged monkey here before, so that’s a first.

Well have a wonderful New Year, and a great first week of the year. Love you all so much, thanks for everything you do for me. Until next year!
Elder Maughan

P.S. I’m sure Eric was devastated when he realized that “Ring Out, Wild Bells” isn’t in the Portuguese hymnbook. Poor guy!


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