Kinda Like the Mountains Dad Hikes…

Feliz Ano Novo (again)!

Hope the new year is treating everyone well! Glad to hear that everyone seems fine and busy, and that Grandpa Maughan is feeling better also. Thanks for all the updates! Also, I got our family Christmas card this week (almost in time!), and I have to say that it’s probably the coolest card that I’ve ever seen in my life. Even Elder Paiva was amazed. I let him read the GH of our family (sorry, I think only Eric will get that…), he seemed the enjoy that. Also, got a Christmas card from the Glenville Ward Laurels – please tell them thanks so much for me!

So my Amazon adventure has finally come to a close. But it was so great while it lasted! I’m going to Abaetetuba. (Abaetetuba = “A buy tay tuba” (more or less)). Looks like it’s going to be another plane+boat+bus transfer! Actually looks like I’m going to be opening up Abaetetuba 2, a second area in that same branch. From what my hear, my companion won’t be a full-time missionary, but a part-time one from here in Belém. This will be another fun adventure! They let people from here serve part-time missions for one or two transfers, close to home.

This last week was amazing, Elder Paiva and I worked a ton and we received tons of help from the members here in the Tapajós Ward. We ended up setting a PR for lessons taught, and we managed to bring several investigators to church, with members bringing others also. Gospel Principles class was pretty packed yesterday, which was so nice to see! Especially since that class didn’t exist in this ward a month ago, haha.

Obviously I’m a little bit sad to leave this area, because it’s really been one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually baptize anyone while I worked here, which is kinda disappointing. But I feel like I was able to help out the ward, planted some seeds, and prepared some great people for the next missionaries to baptize. And of course I learned so much with Elder Paiva and the members here; it was a wonderful transfer!

To celebrate last week in Santarém, we had to do something exciting! A few of us from the district here decided to hike a mountain! Well, “mountain”, I should say. By which I mean “hill”, there aren’t too many mountains up here. It only took about 5 minutes to get up haha. But 5 minutes of hiking through the jungle was pretty sweet! I took a few pictures from up there, I’ll have to send you some soon… sorry mom, I promise I’ll send another DVD of pictures sometime soon! The view was pretty nice, we were able to see just about the whole city. But really we could only see trees and forest for as far as the eye could see… Made me remember that I’m in the middle of the jungle, haha.

Well, love you all, thanks for everyone. Have a wonderful week, até mais!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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