Spanish-speaking mission?

Back in the land of Açai berries – a favorite of Scott’s

Hola, buenos dias!

Good morning from Abaetetuba! Transfers were another fun adventure. When I flew into Santarém last June, we got in around 3 in the morning, so I couldn’t really see anything. But this last flight was an afternoon one, so it was nice to see all the landscape, by which I mean trees and rivers. After arriving in Belém I went to the mission office, where I met a ton of missionaries that I hadn’t ever met (despite the fact that the all had about a year on the mission haha), including one of Jared Brooksby’s roommates! That was a fun coincidence. Then we took a one hour boat ride and a one hour bus and a one hour car ride, and then I finally arrived at my new home in Abaetetuba!

Also, I met my new companion! Looks like there was a slight mix-up when they told me of the transfers, but my companion isn’t a short term missionary like they said he would be. His name is Elder R, and he’s been out for 8 months or so on the mission. Coolest thing about him: He’s Argentino! Direct from Buenos Aires. So maybe I’ll get the chance to brush up on my español? Haha but actually he speaks português really well. We have fun learning new words together, we made it a goal to learn at least one random word each day. But we seem really similar, both pretty relaxed and happy. He also likes sports (and skiing!), and he’s the oldest sibling, as well as the first missionary in his family. So far we’ve been getting along absolutely great. We’re definitely going to learn a lot from each other.

This was a great week as far as mission work also! We started with absolutely nothing (not knowing any members, no investigators) but we’ve already made some good friendships with the members, and we sure have been getting in some serious practice with tracting! We’ve actually been rather blessed, being led to families who seem to accept our message well. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some fruits of these labors in the coming weeks!

Well thanks for your letters and emails, I really appreciate everything. Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Elder Maughan


Last baptism in Oriximiná


Scott and his new Argentinian companion


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