Bom dia!

Life here is Abaetetuba is great! Let me start by responding to mom’s questions: The church attendance here in the branch last week was 109. Whoa I forgot to mention something cool about the Abaetetuba branch! So right now we meet in a house that was modified to become a chapel and classrooms, but soon we’ll be getting an upgrade! They’re building a new church that’s going to be really pretty (and big!) right on the main street here. Everyone in this city knows about the Mormon church, and people even stop us on the street telling us they are going to want to visit the big, beautiful church (“Your church is by far the prettiest church we’ve ever seen here!”). They say that it should be dedicated in April, so we’re anxiously waiting! And I’m sure hoping I’ll still be here then, of course.

Yup we 4 missionaries are all in the same branch! But we split the city in half, so we have different areas. Nope actually Elder O and I hardly ever speak inglês, only when we break out in song. As of yet I haven’t seen any of the other missionaries from Belém, but I think we’ll having a zone conference soon, and it will be nice to see all the new faces and a few old friends.

Sorry this’ll be a short letter, got tied up writing president and doing a survey… but let me think of one more fun story. Oh yeah, saw another monkey on the outskirts of town! But this one was way bigger, about the size of a dog. I was going to try to get closer to it, but lady with which we were visiting told us that that type of monkey took a good chunk out of her leg when she was a child… so on second thought, maybe not.

Well gotta go, love you bye!
Elder Maughan


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