This Letter Needs No Title!

So we managed to fit 9 missionaries in the small car of Elder M. Here's a few of us!

So we managed to fit 9 missionaries in the small car of Elder M. Here’s a few of us!

Dearest Family,

Happy February! Also, happy belated birthday Dad! Hope it was a great one.

Thanks for all the questions, Mom! Let me try to give some packing advice… No need to bring mission books, we received Preach My Gospel in both languages when I got the CTM. But the mini PMG comes in very handy, it’s great for weekly zone meetings and for splits. Speaking of zone meetings and splits, a backpack is just the right size for carrying everything you need. Wow I can’t remember the name of the type of bag I brought with me on the mission [it was just a lightweight rolling suitcase], but that one is great for transfers. Deodorant was a good idea. And it seems like anything else you can buy here in Brazil. Shoot, I can’t remember anything else helpful to say! I promise I’ll try to think of more advice during the week.

So all the days here are pretty much the same as in other areas, except for Sundays! Sundays are always awesome. First, because we have Church in the morning. These past few weeks we’ve been succeeding in bringing investigators to church, and church is always better when there are investigators there. After church, we eat A TON at lunch, and then we go on visits with the members! And it’s always a ton of members that want to go on splits with us. Yesterday we had to split up: Elder Romero led a group of 4 and I led a group of 4, and we got to teach some really great, spiritual lessons, with the members helping so much. I’ve never seen a ward where the members fight to go on visits with the missionaries. So that’s a good sign that this ward is pretty awesome!

Well sorry, I’m already out of time! Fastest hour ever. But thanks so much for the candy! All the young men and young women of the ward thank you, actually. I usually end up eating almost none of it, but that’s totally fine by me.

Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all so much, take care and have an incredible week!
Elder Scott Maughan

Scott's zone in Abaetetuba. (Photo courtesy of Elder O's mom!)

Scott’s zone in Abaetetuba. (Photo courtesy of Elder O’s mom!)


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