The Vengabus is Coming!

Good day!

Last week mom asked me about packing advice I’d give to other missionaries coming to Belém, and I said I would think about it during the week. I remembered that I had said that while I was showering this morning… but that gave me a few hours to think! So things that I brought/Mom packed that have been rather helpful were the athletic insoles for the shoes (we walk a lot, and lots of missionaries have knee pains), lots of good deodorant (I’m still using the Old Spice I’ve brought! despite high offers from other missionaries wanting to buy them), lots of good stomach ache/diarrhea medicine (I actually haven’t used much personally, but I’ve given more than half away to others), a flashlight (in many areas the lights go out often, especially during certain times of the year), photos of the family and home (to share with members/investigators/missionaries), lots of GBs of storage (lots of videos, songs, and articles/books are passed from missionary to missionary), and DVDs (in the temple store you can buy Church films, but DVDs of Mormon Messages and other Church short films come in very handy here, especially because almost no one has access to the internet). Here you can buy good flip flops, and little hymnbooks, and umbrellas. Also, if you know how to play the piano even just a little bit, learn hymns! Almost every ward/branch here (that I’ve seen) depends on the missionaries to have music. So even just the right hand is a welcome improvement!

Okay I hope that that was at least a little bit informative. Life is good in Abaetetuba! No one knows when the new church will be dedicated, but it looks like it will be the end of the next month. We’ll see!

This weekend/week is Carnaval, so all the youth and a good chunk of the members have fled from city to avoid all the craziness and noise and people in the streets and wickedness… so attendance was a little low, but lots of investigators came to church which was great! The youth are at the first EFY of Belém, pretty cool! I made a fool out of myself teaching them the Vengabus dance, which they all thought was pretty hilarious. Haha oh EFY, good times!

Also, rumor has it that I leave Brazil on July 30th…

Love you all, thanks so much for the love and support as well. Have a wonderful week, until next Monday!
Elder Maughan


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