Dug This Out of Scott’s Drafts Folder

Dearest family,

Thanks for the early birthday wishes! This is sure to be another fun and eventful birthday here on the mission. Last year, I ended up taking a 6 hour bus ride to Paragominas. This year, I’ll be in Belém for a zone conference with Elder Godoy from the Seventy! So that will sure be a fun birthday present. Plus I’ll get to meet up with all the other missionaries (other than those in Macapá e Santarém), with is always a pleasant reunion.

Here’s a fun story! When I first got here, a few people told me that I looked familiar, but then decided that that’s probably just because all Americans look the same (more or less). But this week I found out why I looked familiar: One of the young men from this branch is serving a mission, and he was in the CTM with me, where we took a picture together and he sent it home to put up on the branch’s bulletin board! So for a year I was on the wall of the church, except a few months ago the picture fell down and one of the families kept it. But this past Sunday they put the photo back up, so now I’m on the wall again. Small world! I vaguely remember meeting him, but it’s a bit hard considering I don’t think I understood anything that he told me back then haha. But I do remember him saying that I would have to take a boat to get here.

Other than that, not too much has changed here! It’s still a blast living in this group of 4 missionaries. We are all pretty different one from another, but that helps to learn one from another also. The branch is also excited to move into the new church building next month, the choir is getting all tuned up, and we’ve got a few big activities and expositions planned to invite this whole city to the dedication(s).

[Sorry… the letter ends here. Looks like Scott’s had a busy last few weeks!]


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