New Places, Old Faces!

Feliz Páscoa!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Mine here was good! Not too much celebrating, just ate tons of chocolate and BBQ. Eat tons of food is pretty much how we celebrate every holiday here, and I approve!

Life at the beach is nice here in Outeiro! So let me describe my area – yes it’s an island, and it seems rather big. There’s one main street that does a huge circle around the island, and there are vans that are always making that circle, so we only walk a lot when we want to. It would probably take 2 or 3 hours to walk that circle. There are certainly much more than 2,000 people here (thanks Wikipedia) but it’s not too urbanized. So there are lots of forest and trees here. The branch here is small, the attendance is more or less 50. But we’re here to help out the branch and the members here! And yes, one half of this island is all beach! This past whole weekend the streets near the beach were PACKED with people partying and blasting music. It sure seems like lots of people come from Belém to enjoy the beaches. Except the missionaries, who avoid getting even close to the beach on the weekend, haha.

My companion is Elder F, a short-term missionary from… Alegre Ward in Bragança! Yup, we already knew each other well! This is his second transfer here on the mission, and I’ve been trying to help him out a lot with studying and teaching, and we’ve been really enjoying it! It’s basically as if I were training him. So I’ve been learning so much with this, and in just one week he’s really improved, so it’s been a great experience for us both so far! We’re always joking and laughing and remembering funny experiences from Bragança, it was a great week with him!

About the packing… looks like now we’re allowed to use backpacks, but almost everyone just uses the small black bag during the day. You can buy these bags here in the mission office or in the CTM in São Paulo also. I use the belt around the waist, because the strap usually ends up dirtying my shirts. I carry my Livro de Mórmon in one hand, and in my bag I put pamphlets, my Bíblia, DVD with lots of videos, post it notes, and that little flashlight. I don’t really like to carry too much weight, but some Elderes like to carry lots of other things. So it’s up to your preference!

Well I hope that kinda answered some of your questions for today. Have a great week, and a great General Conference also! Até mais!

Com amor,
Elder Scott Maughan


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