Elders Take the Cake

Scott and Elder F making macarrão nada that we made, which means literally "pasta nothing".

Scott and Elder F making macarrão nada, which means literally “pasta nothing”.

My favorite family,

Thanks for the emails! I hope everyone enjoyed conference as thoroughly as I did. I loved all the talks about missionary work! Of course. It’s always to nice to hear a few pump-up speeches from the general authorities. We watched the Saturday sessions in the secretary’s office in English, and the Sunday sessions with our investigators and the rest of the stake. Plus, the secretary’s office isn’t air conditioned, so there’s an advantage of watching in Portuguese!

We were excited to hear about the temple in Rio de Janeiro! It’s not Belém… but any temple in Brasil is great! I remember that during the dedicatory pray of the Templo de Manaus, Presidente Uchtdorf said that every time a temple is dedicated in Brazil, the power of the enemy is weakened in this country. So, believing in that promise from an Apostle, a temple in Rio will make the church that much stronger, even here in Belém. So that’s exciting! Also, one of the other missionaries here in the zone is from Rio, so he was pretty stoked about that. Do you think that they’ll be able to get it all ready before the Olympics? I hope so, that would be awesome!

So I finally sent a photo of Elder F! I have other photos of him from when I passed through his ward in Bragança, but this one is more up to date, obviously. Here were are making pasta, but in a way much more complicated than how I usually make it. He’s been teaching me a few tips about cooking, and also we´re mastering the art of making cake! By which I mean we throw ingredients together and (usually) it turns out well. Except we don’t have an oven… so we make it in the microwave, haha. Not sure if that’s a good idea… but it turns out tasty and well!

About the flat sheets question… even though I don’t exactly know what a flat sheet is, I sleep like this: one sheet covering the mattress, and another covering me, with a fan constantly pointed at me. It doesn’t ever get cold at night, so the sheet I use is more for comfort and for bug-defense. Also, since the fan is to my left, sometimes I put bug spray on the right side of my body, haha. Every apartment I’ve seen here also has a place to put a hammock; we have one hanging up, but we usually use that more to relax than to actually sleep at night.

Well, thanks for all the love and support! I hope everyone has a terrific week, until next second-day-at-the-market!

Com amor,
Elder Maughan


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