More about the Hill Branch

Good morning! I hope that everyone is having a spectacular day, even if it’s a bit cold where you are… I won’t lie, I’ll have to make a goal to never take snow/cold for granted again, haha. Loved the pictures of everyone! Glad to see my tux is being put to good use, haha.

So let me tell you more about the Outeiro Branch: It’s not too big, the attendance is more or less 50 members. The church building is just a rented house transformed into a chapel and a few other rooms (I’ll have to take a picture for you also). Once again there is no piano or teclado here, but that’s okay! Yup we are the only missionaries here in Outeiro; we have to take a bus or van across the bridge to get to the rest of the stake, just a half-hour away. There are just a handful of youth here, but they are very motivated and also have lots of desire to help us out! The members also help out lots, and we are making plans to work more with them, especially since a ward mission leader just got called!

Since there aren’t too many active family in this branch, we also eat lunch with some inactive families, which is a nice way to do some activation work. Although sometimes things don’t work out and we end up without lunch… but all’s well! Usually the members help us out when this happens, and if not, I get to practice my cooking skills! Which are definitely needing practice…

Last night we had a stake fireside about missionary work! It was really great and attendance was high and from what people said, the members really enjoyed it. Presidente and Sister Scisci came and spoke, the stake president spoke, some recent converts from the stake bore testimonies, and we missionaries sung a few special musical numbers, and I somehow became the stake pianista. The Spirit was really strong, and at the end there was a line of youth waiting to speak to the stake clerk to start their mission papers! Haha after a great conference about missionary work, this was a great addition.

Well, love you all so much! Have a wonderful week, until next Monday! Tchau tchau!

Com amor,
Elder Maughan

P.S. Jeremiah 16:16 “hill” = “outeiro”!


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