We can’t swim, and we don’t have a boat

Dearest family,

Happy May! I’d have to say April passed pretty quickly, that’s for sure. But May started off very well also! And sounds like it’s had a nice start for the rest of the family, so that’s great to hear.

So my new companion is Elder S, he’s from Londrina, Paraná, and he’s been out just 3 months on the mission. But he’s a great, humble, down to earth missionary, and we’ve worked together great this week. I really enjoy his style of teaching, very simple and direct and to the point, while also definitely having the Spirit with him. That makes for shorter lessons (without losing quality!), which makes for more lessons in the week. So this transfer has started off great! Definitely looking forward to continue to learn from him.

Hmmm let me think of other exciting news from this week. Tons of rain! Like I showed in last week’s photo, when it rains it really floods here. There’s one part of the main road here that ends up under 2-3 feet of water when a heavy rainstorm passes, and the only way to get from one side of the city to the other is on a bus or a van. So my poor feet have been soaking wet for a week now, but that’s okay! I’m sure that’ll just make my feet stronger. Some how. Also, thanks for sending the new socks a few months back, that was a very handy care package!

Well, sorry for the short email! But at least we’ll be able to talk a bit more on Mother’s Day, I’ll let you know at least by Saturday. Have a wonderful week, love you all!

Com amor,
Elder Maughan


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