Always an Escape Route


Scott’s set up for his Mothers’ Day Google Hangout.

Hey there again!

It was so great to speak to all of you on Mother’s Day! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to talk to me. Even if it was a struggle for Melissa to stay awake, haha. [She’s a nurse in the middle of working night shifts this week!] Well like you said, there’s not much to say after a long chat yesterday… but I’ll try to think of something interesting!

So I’ve decided that, as missionaries, we have a habit of getting thrown into awkward situations, and then the Spirit helps us to find a way out. While there are certainly plenty of these awkward situations each week, this past week we had one in particular that blew my mind. We went to visit a family that we’ve been teaching (they went with us to church last week) and when we got there, the dad’s brother and sister-in-law (who are more or less pastors from another church) were there to “save” his brother from going down the wrong path, if you catch my drift. My first thoughts: “This’ll be fun!” I said a quick, silent prayer that this lesson would all work out in the end. Not exactly sure what happened or what we said, but after a few minutes of talking we were all agreeing on the same things, laughing, and we managed to take all the contention out of the air. They let us teach about the Restoration, which went great, we could all feel the Spirit, and they accepted a Book of Mormon and promised to read. As we left the house I remember feeling amazing by how much better than awkward situation worked out than it should’ve, and I’m thankful for the role of the Spirit in guiding us in all we do.

So here’s a picture of the inside and the outside of our Outeiro Chapel! As you can see from the outside, unfortunately we don’t have a sign yet. Luckily it’s right beside the lotérica, which I don’t know how to translate… but it’s the only place on the island where you can take out money (there are no banks here) so everyone knows where it is.


Brazil-Outeiro-2-4The photo of the inside was taken at the very front of the chapel, so you can see it’s not too big! But there are a few other small rooms, and there’s a kitchen out back. What would a church building be without a kitchen? Mormons love to eat.

Love you tons, have an incredible week!
Elder Maughan

In case you missed Scott’s Mothers’ Day Call post, click here.


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