Three Pictures are Worth a Lot of Words

Scott didn’t have time to write a long email to everyone today, but he did send a few photos and descriptions:

Brazil-Outeiro-2-6 Brazil-Outeiro-2-7Here are some pics from last P-day, when we went to Icoaraci to spend the day with some of the other missionaries. Thought you might like to see how we spend our P-day occasionally!


So to continue your virtual tour of the chapel, here’s a pic of us in front of the baptismal font! Sorry it’s kinda hard to see… Cleide was baptized there on Saturday, and actually it was the breaking in of the baptismal font also, the first baptism in the branch since the branch moved to this building at the beginning of the year. The members sure seemed excited! There was a good showing at the baptism, some of our investigators came, and some of the members made cake. You know how a church activity works, there has to be food!

Cleide was a lady that we contacted one day in the house of a less active member. We are using that strategy to find other new investigators also! It’s been to be working well, or at least this past week we were able to find a few other investigators with plenty of potential, as we visited the less active members here. And some of the less active members came to church yesterday also! It looks like President Costa’s promise is started to be fulfilled… we’ll have to keep working on the rescuing!


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