I don’t believe that’s chocolate

Happy Memorial Day! Which is another holiday that doesn’t exist here… but that’s okay! We’re going to celebrate by going bowling today. Which maybe doesn’t beat a trip down the Mohawk, but should be great!

This past week was great for us here in Outeiro! It started off busy, as we traveled to Icoaraci on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for meetings and interviews, but it ended with a great weekend. We were able to find lots of new investigators this past week, and some of them came to church with us also! And a few of these investigators even asked to be baptized, which is what every missionary loves to hear! Unfortunately, there are a few other requirements to be baptized besides just desire, but we’re going to help these people out, and I’m hoping that Junho will be a great, busy month!

What else is new… we’re working with the branch mission leader and the other leaders to implement a new branch mission plan. We presented the plan yesterday after church, and the members seem pretty excited. It’s simple, with good plans and goals for baptisms, retention, and activation. The hard part it just following up… so I’m hoping that we can actually put this plan in action!

Other interesting news: I ate cacau the other day, the plant that makes chocolate. But it didn’t taste at all like chocolate… sweet and tasty none the less! Speaking of chocolate, I’m more or less still addicted… In the bakeries here they sell a type of bread that has chocolate in it, which is really tasty. And cheap! Just 25 cents here. I’ve been learning lots in terms of grocery shopping, one more skill I’d like to carry from my mission! Of course, I’d imagine that grocery shopping (foods/prices) are a little bit different here.

Well, I hope that everyone has a great end of May, and great start to June! I really appreciate the prayers and thoughts of all of you. Amo vocês, obrigado por tudo!

Elder Maughan


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