Random Bits and Pieces

Another hour on the computer that passed way too quickly:
More miracles! The sisters were teaching a man who was preparing to get baptized on Saturday. Friday, they realized that he lives on our side of the river, so technically he’s part of our branch. So, also technically, this ended up being our baptism. But the sisters were really good sports about it!

I think lots of Elders would not have so easily passed a baptism to another area like that. But our zone is pretty well knit, and we’re all working hard to hit our goal as a zone, so that spirit of unity helps also! Yup our zone is pretty awesome! We are 7 areas, 5 of elders and 2 of sisters. So 14 missonaries in total, for those who haven’t studied math in the past 3 years (like me). We have zone meeting every Tuesday or Wednesday, and we usually end up meeting together on P-day also to play volleyball, card games, or go out to eat together. Some of the sisters designed a zone t-shirt that we’ll be getting today, I’m pretty excited! That’ll be a first for me.

We’ll have to do something really nice for the sisters. We gave them a golden reference last week. That probably better than a cake made in the microwave.

Brazil-Outeiro-101So here’s a family that we’ve been teaching! We found them looking through the Area Book, they were “antigos” investigators. I don’t remember how “antigos” is translated. “Old”, maybe? Well, you get the point. That’s one good way to find new investigators!

Their son got baptized this week. We’re hoping the parents shortly follow his example!

Oh, “former”! That’s the word I’m looking for.

So yeah, remember how I said that we were going bowling last week? Well turns out the bowling alley closes on Monday, not fair! Some of the elders wanted to just drink some açai, but I decided that I hadn’t taken a bus 2 hours to do something I could do by crossing the street from our apartment. So we decided to eat out at Pizza Hut! Haha it was really fun sitting around the table laughing and telling stories and having a good time. Picture of that coming next week!


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