Service Project & Familia de Paar

Scott likes to send photos and tell us a little about them:


So I thought you might like this photo of a service project that we did last Tuesday, in the house of a part-member family. We built that wall that you see! Well, actually, I was more like the apprentice (can’t remember what that word is…). I carried all the bricks to the back of the house (8 at a time!) and I made that cement also. Lots of manual labor, but that’s how I like it! Elder Sales and the member are the ones who actually placed all the bricks, since they already knew how to do that. And I didn’t want to be one to make the house fall down…

This photo also shows of what almost all the houses here are made. Some older houses are made of wood, but most are made with these brick and cement. Almost everyone here actually helps to build their own house, which I thought was rather fascinating. There are lots and lots of people who work with constructions like that, including almost all the men in the ward.


So remember when I said last week about the family that I met from Paar? Here’s a photo of them! It’s really nice to see people that are still firm in the faith after a long time like that.

And yes, the sisters did make the zone t-shirts! They turned out pretty cool, it’s nice to have a good lembrança assim of the old zone. It changed a lot last week, but I think it’ll still be pretty awesome!

Oh get this, our zone now has a district of sisters! Haha I don’t know if they already had that in New York, but this is a first here in Belém. It’s also the first time that there were 6 sisters in the same zone. They are 4 brazilians, 1 american, and 1 chilean. I don’t think too many of the sisters here are americans, maybe because of the visa troubles. I think that the sister missionaries are going to take over our mission, haha. But that’s fine by me, they do a great work here!


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