It all gets mixed up in the stomach anyway…

Boa tarde!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful week! This week really flew by, probably because it was rather busy. When all your plans fall through, that’s when the hours and days crawl by. But when things are going well and are busy, there aren’t enough hours in the day!

But that actually doesn’t mean everything went so smoothly this past week. Unfortunately, there was a probably with the documents in the marriage. But there’s no problem that we can’t resolve, especially with the help of God! But, also, faith without works is dead, right? So here are our works: we travelled to Belém yesterday, and today, and tomorrow. All this so that I can be there still at their baptism, haha.

That being said, their wedding ceremony was Friday, and that was a big hit! Lots of members came, the music was nice, the decorations were pretty, and the food was awesome. And, best of all, Divaldo and Joana seemed sooo happy!

The next night they made us dinner to celebrate: rice and beans (typical) and bull’s heart, sheep’s ribs, and pig’s feet (not so typical).

So I don’t have time to tell you about my day today… but let me just say that I can tell I’ve grown a lot since the beginning of the mission, seeing my capacity to speak to strangers, get information from them, and get people to do favors for me. I remember that Eric said once that if you walk and act like you own the place, people won’t ask you questions and you can do what you want/need to do. Well that’s pretty true! Next week I’ll tell you more.

Well sorry for the short, sporadic (sp?) email, hopefully I’ll be able to write next Monday also. Have a wonderful week, thanks for all your prayers and support!

Com amor,
Elder Maughan


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