He’s HOME!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2:20pm: Began tracking Scott’s plane – Belém to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The beginning of his 22 hour journey home. Getting EXCITED!

10:00pm: Noelle and Eric arrive, after a 3-hr drive from Boston. Scott’s flight leaves Sao Paulo for Atlanta. Then on to Albany!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1:00am: Melissa and James’ flight from Salt Lake City lands. All the siblings are now in one place! Bed by 2 am. SOOO tired!!

9:30am: T minus 3 hours till plane arrival. Garage full of kids painting welcome signs for airport and garage door. Eric and Craig even hang up an American and Brazilian flag out at the end of the driveway. Plenty of Welcome Back balloons, too. Definitely in missionary homecoming mode!
IMG_1064scott-driveway-flags11:20am: Leave for airport. After nearly missing Eric’s plane when he returned from his mission to Brasilia, Brazil, in 2008, we opted to go to the airport in PLENTY of time! (Eric arrived 30 minutes early, even though the Arrivals screen said that his plane was still just ‘in range’. He had almost reached us when one of the kids called out, “There’s Eric!” Yep, almost missed him! The sweet kid made sure he was one of the last ones off, but we were still missing some extended family who arrived just after him!) But I digress…..

12:20pm: Lots of family members and friends there in plenty of time. Whew! Arrivals screen shows Scott’s plane delayed until 12:58. Oh, the irony of it all! James, Alan, Eric, Noelle, Melissa, James P., and some of the children head up to observation deck to watch for the plane, and the rest of us wander around the arrival area and chat.

12:37pm: I glance over to the security area and see Scott only a few feet away from us! Yep, pretty sure I yell, “There he is!” to get everyone’s attention before heading towards him for the hug I’ve been waiting two years for! Banners and cameras grabbed (great reflexes, Michelle!) and text messages sent to get those on the observation deck to come downstairs! LOTS of smiles and hugs all around! (Arrival screen STILL says 12:58pm!)

scott-airport-4square12:45pm: Take two! Scott backs up so we can show him the signs and balloons that we had planned to greet him with.  I can’t believe that this was almost an exact repeat of the mix-up with Eric’s homecoming! Never, EVER believe an Arrivals screen! 🙂

scott-airport-recreateDespite the mix-up, it’s wonderful to see Scott and he seems very excited to see us, too. He looks great – happy and healthy and glad to be back home.

IMG_1077In addition to our extended family pictured here, a number of close friends joined us in welcoming Scott, including his good buddies Chris, Otis, (brother Craig) and Jared.

scott-and-friends-at-airportAnd finally, our first family photo since 2009! All eight and a half of us! 🙂
all-family-airport-landscapeWe’re so thrilled to have Scott home, and grateful that he had the opportunity to serve the Lord in Belém.



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